Street Life

My friend is very humble and never gets angry.

The Game

Buddha never said monks can't play basketball.

Tibetan Flags

We always hope for freedom.

Our Environment

Our environment is in danger. As humans we are responsible for the earth and should consider the needs of all sentient beings.


This dog has to dig in the garbage for food because in the 21st Century people still neglect animals.

Miss Tibet Pageant

This annual event is controversial in our community. This is the first year that His Holiness gave his approval so less people complained. However only five women competed and none of the judges were Tibetan. Some say the pageant helps Tibetan women's self esteem.


These are butter lamps at His Holiness the Dalai Lama's temple. The flames are so bright on this dark night. We light them for the whole world and hope their brightness can lead to peace.